Why Scotland?


Why in the world would Scotland need missionaries? That was the question Karsee and I asked when Scottish pastor David Robertson issued a call for Christian workers to come to assist the church in his country.

Wasn’t Scotland one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation nearly 450 years ago? Isn’t there a strong national Presbyterian church in Scotland? Several conversations with people ministering in Scotland, as well as some independent research of our own revealed several startling figures:

  • Of the slightly more than five million inhabitants of Scotland, only 10% (±500, 000) report regular church attendance and only about 2.5% (±125, 000) identify themselves as evangelical, gospel-living & gospel-sharing Christians.
  • The Church of Scotland lost 23,000 members last year! The average has been ±10,000 per year since the 1950’s. More churches are closing today than opening, with many historical church buildings being converted into pubs, theaters and condominiums.
  • The people of Scotland struggle with already high and rising rates of alcohol abuse (both men and women), drug abuse (Scotland has one of the largest per-capita IV drug using populations in Western Europe), depression and suicide (50% higher than U.S).
  • In Scotland today more children are born outside of marriage than in, teen pregnancy rates are higher than anywhere else in Europe, and 80 children per day are forced into homelessness due to violence, abuse, neglect or family breakup. Dundee, where we’ll be serving, has the highest per-capita abortion rate in all of Western Europe.
To put it simply, much of Scotland today is a post-modern, post-Christian nation that, for a variety of reasons, has turned from its historical Reformation roots and is either dismissive or suspicious of the church. At the same time, Scotland’s society is rife with serious, debilitating social problems that are affecting the majority of the population.

Over the last several years both Karsee and I, as Licensed Professional Counselors, have been working with couples contemplating divorce and their families, pregnant teens, children and families dealing with chronic mental illness and children and families in the child protective services system. Our work has been to offer care and counsel to fellow strugglers from a perspective that is rooted in and guided by our Christian worldview and training.

Today the church in Scotland is asking for assistance and God, who has been preparing us for such a work and context, has called us to minister in Scotland. To continue this work, we need the help and support of you, our friends and family. At present, (15 Feb 2013) we have a need of approximately $2,500 in monthly support to maintain our work here. We’d love for you to consider supporting us in this work by pledging $25, $50, $100 or more per month (or it’s quarterly or annual equivalent).

You can do so right now by clicking the Give button above right. You can also make a one-time gift by credit card to our ministry by instead clicking the Donate button above right.

We would love to speak to you personally. Feel free to contact us, through the comments, section below, to answer any questions and to catch up with you. Slàinte mhath!

Your servants, in Christ and for His kingdom,
Brian & Karsee


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